Mac --> PC LAN Connection Issues

Hey there! Thanks for your help in advance! I have the Mac Store Version of Borderlands GOTY. I want to play LAN with my friend who has the original retail PC Version of Borderlands GOTY. We have both versions installed and working on our respective computers, however, when we cannot find each other when we go into LAN play. I have another friend who also has the Mac version and we can both play LAN no worries so it’s definitely not a problem with out network. We’ve also double checked that the firewall isn’t blocking anything. I read that the PC version has to be updated to Patch 1.4.1 in order to communicate with the Mac version so we installed the patch. Is there any way to check that the patch installed correctly on the PC as there’s nothing visually different to say that the game has been patched. I also read that you have to use GameRanger in order to online since GameSpy doesn’t exist anymore. Am I missing something? Do I have to use GameRanger even to play LAN or should LAN work without GameRanger? Help! :stuck_out_tongue: