Mac Steam Remaster & new DLC available!

So I launched my Mac Steam version of BL2 this morning on my laptop.
Did the Roland Rescue with my current Steam 1Life Siren, and was complaining cuz things seemed jerky and my fans were spinning more than usual.
Finished dam fine, hit the fast travel, and Huh!, the new layout (with the separators between DLCs and main missions) were there!
So guess what! The Mac Steam version has been updated! And the new DLC was waiting in Steam for download!
Of course, it reset my graphics options to all high-level, that’s why I was getting jerkiness, I always play at the lowest levels on this laptop so it doesn’t fry. So reset them.
Now to play the new DLC on Steam!

Note that the original game GOTY still has not been made available for mac Steam, that’s Feral vs. Aspyr so maybe they didn’t sign up for the contract or found it too challenging to port.

Oh, and this laptop can’t do 4k (it’s like 7 years old) so I guess it’s time to upgrade…