Mac - Various Bugs - Anyone else experiencing?

I know we make up a small percentage of the user base, but between getting most updates/DLCs a week after everyone else, poor general performance, and various playability bugs it feels like only 1 dev spends half their time working on Mac and that’s it.

Curious if anyone else on Mac is experiencing the same issues I am, these are just a few of the larger issues off the top of my head:

Not able to select weapon skins - I’ve literally never been able to change weapon skins on any of my characters on any weapons. I’ve done a full reinstall and submitted a ticket a few weeks ago, but haven’t heard back.

Unable to scroll Guardian Rank Menu - Took me a while to realize this was a bug as I didn’t know the rewards went above 100, but I’m not able scroll the menu, again on any character on a new install.

Let me know if anyone else has similar issues or if it’s just me.