Machine accessory identification?

Does anyone have a list or guide of some sort for how to identify what accessory the Machine has? I know the name doesn’t change on the item card and I want to grind a set of them in each element with the Fire Rate and Mag size bonus but I’m not sure what kind of numbers to look for.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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That info graphic reflects the outward appearance of each accessory. But generally you’re looking for a pointy Scope which is your damage attachment.

For FR you’re looking for Frankenstein bolts on the back of the scope and for mag size its kind of a laser pointer augment on the left side of the scope

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Its the big box on the right side. I get what you were saying, I’m just adding in for the OP.

Well side is perspective but the point is its a giant ass thing on the side of the scope

I was just using the in game perspective.

Well judging from the info graphic if your holding it it would be a giant box on the left of ur Scope.

Regardless, its just semantics at this point.

Machine always have vladof grip?

Yes, it’s considered a unique grip just like the barrel.