Machines match guest level?

Just had this happen, seems odd in normal mode.

  1. Playing my level 14 character with open internet (public)
  2. My steam account has no friends. None, not allowed.
  3. Level 70 Jack joins.
  4. All machines begin showing items for this guests level, but I’m the one hosting!

Again, this was a new game in normal mode.


I think that the vendors go by the highest leveled character playing, regardless of who is hosting. You could switch to online friends only or a LAN game to stop unwanted people from joining

I know, but from what I think this should only happen in UVHM.

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@alex_pecore nailed it. You can sometimes get things at your level if you get to the machine first, and you were on that map before the higher rank player joined.

I’ve had it happen in TVHM for sure. To be honest though, the level 70 who joined your game was being a bit rude - you really shouldn’t go in that over-levelled without asking, and to then go and hit the vending machines… If you’re on 360/XB1 and you often have your game open, I’d suggest looking through the list of recent players you’ve met, find their gamer tag, and block them. A level 70 player should know better.

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Thx, should have mentioned it was Steam/PC, normal mode, new character, level 14 Baroness.
I’ll just blow it off as shoulda-done-that. :slight_smile:

Vending machines in TPS actually scale to everyone in the game; if you look through all the items (not just Item of the Day) you would see that it offered weapons not only for your level 70 guest, but for your level 14 character as well. If characters of other levels had joined, the next machine refresh would’ve included items at their level as well.

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Gosh, preordered and never noticed that before, thx.

Glad this was mentioned. I’ll quietly back out of the room… :relieved:

This :thumbsup: , that’s why when I power level people in my game to whatever level they want that I am more then happy to run them around my game to several vending machines to farm out gear for their new level


Very nice of you.