Machmaking suggestion

Yeah yeah, I know, there have been lots and LOTS of topics like this, but after I had a bunch of SUPER frustrating matches today I decided to share an idea (that probably has been suggested already, but I haven’t found anything)

SOOOO with the limited amount of people right now, how about instead of building separate teams of five players we throw ten people in one pool and go from there? That won’t solve the problem of premades ruining the fun, but at least the chance of getting a completely unbalanced team would be lower.
But right now I don’t even dare go into PvP queue again and just dork around in story, ops and private bot matches.

This has been suggested many times.
Revamping the MM system would be a long and costly undertaking from what we were told and while not out of the question, won’t be coming anytime soon.
But while that is all well and good
yes it would solve some issues but it would not fix one of the worst (5man premades)


Been suggested a million times. But yes, you are correct and this needed to have happened many months ago. Seems gbx are reluctant to do it due to costs/coding difficulties. Probability is alllll kinds of warped with the system that is currently in place, which is why it’s so rare to find a fair match.

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You’d be correct but it will not happen unless something changes

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