Machmaking system

this game should match you with players that are at the same lvl or maybe 1-3 above or below. getting destroyed because i have lvl 2s and 10s while the enemy has lvl 100s and 60s isnt fun. this happens more then you think

first world problem. I haven’t played for 10 days because I had to wait 30+ minutes to even find a game:cry:

While I agree higher command level does mean more experience, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re better players. I’ve seen 100’s suck and 5-10’s wreck. The matchmaking system needs to be deeper than command rank imo.

really? the most i have to wait is maybe 10-20 min but hey its a good game overall so ill take it

its a start i guess i would much rather have more experienced players on my team than not

First world problem. I haven’t been able to play because I’m from Australia and it takes half an hour of server errors to just get past the title screen. Even of I manage to find a game after an hour+ of server errors, I’m guaranteed to get huge lag on red/yellow bars making a pvp competitive multiplayer game kind of pointless. Hel, I even manage to get red/yellow bars in private solo pve missions. Go figure.

But once you do find a game, how often are you teamed with people who start by stating that it’s their first game ever while your opponents are a full five man premade group with a bunch of legendary gear?

Cause I would mind the wait less, if what I was waiting for was better.

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