Mad at Galilea for a different reason

So I’m a bit disappointed with Galilea’s lore. Like a lot of people have “Why Ghalt or someone else recruited them” or some back story of why they are the way they are. But with her it’s Ghalt: I might find something maybe. And “Galilea has some weird ability. We think it’s this but don’t know let’s kill her.” And lastly she is an Eldrid who went undercover as a Jenneret but is for some reason a Peacekeeper… I NEED MOOOOORE.
Anyway finished Galileas lore so I’m done ruining others experience now lol

I actually rather liked her lore. She has a strange power nobody really understands (even her) and they try to keep it that way. And if I understand correctly she wasn’t strictly and Eldrid, but allied to them at one point in time because of their common enemy (Jennerit Empire). I like the dynamic between her and Ambra. It’s kinda funny/tragic.

oooh mysterious power nobody understands cant control her darkness edgy edgy edgy! Shes more of a teenage girl than shayne it sounds like.

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That’s what makes me mad lol I don’t want it to be mysterious I want to know