Mad Max (2015 Video Game) disccusion

I think Mad Max the 2015 video game deserves it’s own thread on here. The Mad Max movie series obviously inspired Gearbox to make Borderlands 1 (combined with other notable influences like Diablo and Halo).

So, now that we have a more modern video game directly about Mad Max (instead of merely being inspired), let’s talk about it. Talk about your favorite in-game moments or your daily progress. I’ll post here periodically with some of mine. (also, there was a NES mad max game apparently, but I hear it wasn’t very good)

Continuing the discussion from Your personal Game of the year(s):

Memorable moment last night. I was playing in the evening and had been playing for about 3 hours straight. So my eyes needed a rest at one point. And my car needed repairs too. So I parked the car on the side of the road and had Chumbucket repair it while I closed my real eyes for a few seconds while waiting on the repairs. About halfway through the repairs I heard a car approaching so I snapped open my eyes, started the engine and got myself ready for a possible battle. 2 cars did come by and try to rough me up. I harpooned them and rammed them into submission, as is my usual style.

What I liked about this moment is how the repair time created a somewhat realistic situation/adventure in a free-form sandbox world. In this environment, frequent car breakdowns and repairs make a lot of sense. Combined with how the mad max character might have handled it if he were there with a friendly desert co-dweller repairing his car. I picture that he would close his eyes and prop up his feet on the dashboard and get a little bit of peace/rest for his mind/eyes. But would be aware enough still of his environment to snap awake if need be.

The caravan route chasing, and repairing requirement features are what I like the most so far. They create the most cinematic moments for me as the player. Giving Chum the time he needs to repair gives me moments when I’m trying to evade enemy cars on foot and a sense of “oh crap oh crap oh crap”. And the caravan route chasing is so reminiscent of the movies. All of it gives me a great mad max feel.

As great as Borderlands, Burnout, and even Mario Kart are, this game finally gives me a great car combat experience that matches very closely to the type of experiences I enjoy very much from the mad max movies.