Mad Max: Fury Road

Just to clean up the RTT, thought I’d start a separate thread given the crossover in BL and Mad Max Fandoms.

So, right now the hype is looking pretty real.

Currently the movie is sitting at 99% on RT, 90 on metacritic.

I’m going to the early showing tomorrow at 7 pm at a local theater and I’m geeked as hell. Have been going through the old Mad Max’s on Amazon for the last few days and just gasming a little bit.

For reference - This Cracked Article is a great reference for how insane the production of this movie is.

Kickass Trailer -


Going to see it either tomorrow or saturday at the local cinema with my best friend. Hype!

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Yea, I’m stoked to see this one! Looks so rad.

I soooooo hope there’s a psycho in there that shouts “It’s time to pound some Meat Puppets!”.

Guys. I don’t…

This is the first movie I’ve seen in a long time where on the 30 minute ride home, we did nothing but talk about that movie. Right now I’m thinking about the one commericial that starts with a fox affiliate calling it “The Best Action Movie Ever Made”. Keep in mind, I’m still “movie drunk”. But I can’t really disagree right now. It’s at least in the running.

I’m pretty sure all the camermen in this movie have ptsd now.

Now, to spoilers.

Charlize theron nailed it. No ■■■■■■■■ waif-fu or gimmicks. She was maybe the hardest ■■■■■■■■■■■■ in the movie, and she was playing along side tom goddamned hardy.

Not to take away from Hardy himself, who is my sensei now. Just the sequence when he finally gets unchained, you see the unbridled rage in him… god. He nailed it.


The Nick Hoult sequence with the one wife was… too good on top of too good. Two broken people just connecting in the middle of a goddamn hurricane. Ugh, perfection.

Best. Checkov. Gun. Ever.

I HAVE BECOME THE SCALES OF JUSTICE! Gearbox! If that guy is not in BL3 you are disservicing your fanbase!

This movie is INCREDIBLE!!!

All the actors were incredible, Tom Hardy was great, Charlize Theron was awesome, but for me the best ones were the villains.

The War Boys were insane, the “leaders” were great but underused. A scene in Gas Town and The Bullet Farm showing them getting ready for war would have great.

The costume/vechile design: Perfection. Each faction had a distinct look, and the deformities were gross and awesome. Did you see People Eaters legs? That was messed up.

I am going to see this in theatres at least twice, and I’m buying the art book and comics (3 are being released each showing the backstory of a character, first is Immortan Joe and Nux)

If you’ve seen it check out this analysis, pretty good and goes deeper than the “Feminism is bad, boycott the movie” and “feminism is good, see the movie” discussion.

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I can’t like that article enough. It’d occured to me on retrospect that despite some of the feminist motifs… well those guys hit it on the head. It’s about objectification, period, which is why nux is the central crux to the story.

And they manage all this in a movie where there are probably 30 collected minutes where the rig is not moving and they are actively being chased.

Why… why can’t we have more things like this?

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Crap movie (:


I’M JOKING I PUT A DAMN SMILEY FACE hfjdhsfjdhjsklgfds

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Have you seen it?

Na, I’ll wait until blu-ray release. Looks good but not good enough for me to get off my ass and go to the cinema.

I promise, it is. And it is a movie designed for theaters. That being said, I had you pegged as more of a streaming person rather than a blu ray anyway.


I think the only streaming service we have in Australia is Netflix(?), so if it goes there then I’ll ditch spending cash money on it.

This reminds me, Aussies. Conversation after movie.

Friend: Y’know, I kind of like to think that that’s just a normal day in Australia.
Me: Mad Max: A Completely Average Tuesday.
Friend: We’ve been opening up new sites over there. Anything worth doing over there is on the coast. In the entire middle of that god forsaken continent, there’s nothing but desert. There’s not even roads.
Me: Well they don’t need roads. They just convert all their cars into tanks and then try to murderf**k one another across the outback. Then at around 7pm or so they all have a friendly handshake and go to perth for drinks.

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Originally I was worried since none of the main cast was Australian that it would feel off.

But it felt very Aussie, almost all the minor characters had accents and they used a fair bit of slang.

Forgot to mention the dude using a Give Way sign as a shield, that was awesome.

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Judging from all the posts here I should be happy that I didn’t cancel my reservation.

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Aaaaand it blew my mind.

Extremely happy to see that its more akin to 2 instead of Blunderdome.


Got home from work today and slept for awhile, woke up and tooled around on the internet. Looked up “local movie showings” and found out Max was about to start in 20 minutes.

Sped to the theatre.
Nearly got charged $15 for a Coke.
Holy ■■■■.
Got home.
Made plans to see it with people later, probably multiple times.


I’d kill a man