Mad Mike carries what type of RL?

(Brisbane Greg ) #1

After the #$%^& that is Mad Mike nearly killed me for the 900th time… I was curious what type of launcher he wields? Is it an obtainable RL from the loot pool or something else? Thanks.


I’m not sure but I swear it has homing rockets that increase in accuracy and damage the farther away from him you are. So if you’re at the opposite end of the platform - where you can barely see him, much less his instrument of death - he’ll take you out shooting over his shoulder with a mirror in his left hand.

(Brisbane Greg ) #3

I thought it might be a badaboom, or mongol or pyrophobia or a purple something or something. I’m not very knowledgable with RLs and their firing patterns etc. Blaster goliaths seem to fire norfleets??
I was getting BL1 flashbacks and thinking, hell yes I’d like that RL that he’ll drop when I kill him… but no.

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #4

I’m not sure it can happen “normally”. I use the UCP to let enemies pack red-texted gear, which has thrown Norfleeting Blasters at me maybe four times, but I haven’t seen Mad Mike come at me with anything but ‘normal’ launchers. I would guess he pulls from the same pools as Heavy Nomads?


I just ran Zer0 up to take a look.
Problem is he puts it away and pulls out a shotgun when you get close. But it seemed to be a generic white RL (the one I saw looked like it had Torgue body, Tediore barrel and exhaust).

This is the pic from the wiki :

Almost the same except Bandit barrel.

(Brisbane Greg ) #6

That’s some dedication right there. Thanks a lot.

(I ate the skag that ate my homework) #7

Like the others already stated, he can come at you with pretty much anything, except Red Text launchers. Mad Mike with an E-Tech launcher is no joke. Unless you play as a siren and have the option to phaselock him, I’ve always found that the best tactic has been to deal with him up close and personal. Nomads move slowly, and they also turn slowly. Stay just out of melee range, and circle around him while shooting.

Of course, you can also show him how good your own launcher is. :wink: I really like to do that!

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #8

I almost rage quit on mad mike during my very first playthrough. :sleepy:

(superzi12345) #9

I swear this guy had at least all the e-tech launchers for me. Being bombarded with a PBFG is a awfull experience for real. Not even talking when he actually had a shock topneaa my gosh…
I.consider Satan’s Suckhole one of the trickiest area in the game since you have to " climb " the stairs as more.enemies spawn. The circle.thing leaves you no real
Best thing is being near him.when he spawn, don’t give him chance to shoot xD
When he does.come out with ironclads it is SO funny…

(I ate the skag that ate my homework) #10

Half way up the ramp, there’s a ladder that I usually climb. When you get up there, enemies can only rush you from one direction, and you can see them coming from far away. This means that you can assess which enemy to prioritize. Use whatever means you have for crowd control. Turret, phaselock, Deathtrap, singularities… There’s a column nearby that’s very handy to hide behind if the fire is too heavy. You can also jump down. This will give you a breather to get organized again.

(Rumplebunny) #11

I always hope he spawns with a really slow-projectile launcher that I can easily see slowly coming in from across the chamber but noooooo he loves to pull out a Topneaa and spam me.

I like how he wears every type of head gear ever all at once. :smiley:


It’s you and your luck, basically. Either the game is nice to you and gives him a slow-ass Torgue Launcher, or the game hates you and he spawns with a Slag Topneaa. :sob:

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #13

For fun, if you stay down below and lure him out onto the catwalk, you can drag him into the sink with a couple singularity grenades. The damage doesn’t matter, but you want longbow with the smallest fuse you have. In practice, it usually takes like four because I’m not an expert at it, but I’ve gotten very lucky and done it with two… one up high to pull him off the edge, and a couple of more to pull him into the sink.


lol yeah the enemy rocket launchers can be insane even when they look like they are garbage variants. I’ve been nuked by him, Nomad and Goliath Blasters, etc a million times since they do such a ridiculous amount of damage in UVHM/OP8. (and if you don’t die to the blast, they hit you with DoT’s)

(Compulsive Reloader) #15

In TVHM, or when I’ve transferred gear to a new character in NVHM, I do this;

  • Kill the first two waves of baddies
  • Watch for the red dots showing the door has opened and Mad Mike and his buddies have come through
  • Spam 2-3 Storm Front grenades in that general direction
  • Run down the ramp to avoid the rockets
    That will usually take him out without him getting a RL shot off on you. If you’re in first play through without Storm Fronts, Teslas and Fire Bursts can also destroy him.

(The Natural Born Timekiller) #16

I think it’s pure luck – his Rocket Launcher does change from session to session so more than likely it’ll never bet a set Launcher he’s wielding.

And the question I need to ask is: What’s a Mad Mike to a perfectly placed Fastball?

(I ate the skag that ate my homework) #17

Even though he’s a tough nut in all the playthroughs, he doesn’t become a serious challenge until UVHM, and especially in the OP levels. He gains a lot of health and damage reduction, and you take way more damage from the DoT’s.

(Rumplebunny) #18

This is what I was thinking of doing earlier today. :smiley: I have actually yet to achieve the Give It A Whirl challenge amazingly enough, might as well let Mad Mike be The One. :slight_smile:

(Is this thing on?) #19

I did try that with Mad Mike, but mistakenly thought I could knock him off with explosions. Nope! Got it quite by accident when I didn’t realise I had a singularity equipped, had a psycho rushing across the lower bridge, and slightly missed the throw… #Failure2Success4TehWin

(I ate the skag that ate my homework) #20

Unequipping the grenade mod also works. Of course, it takes a bit of timing to pull it off. :smile: