Mad Moxxi's DLC sucks!

I want a refund on this DLC it SUCKS!!!

****Update, I’m not going to post multiple posts on this second ■■■■■■■■ DLC but last night I grinded through 20 more waves of the first arena on my way to 100, so now I’m on round 7 with 70 more waves to do to finish the first arena and get a save point. This is absolutely ■■■■■■■■ how I can’t save my game and have to leave my system on pause for days at a time because I don’t have 10 hours to play a game straight through. The developer who came up with this DLC is a MORON!!! I spent 2 hours going through 20 waves so I guess I will need 7 more hours to go through 70 more waves!? Who doesn’t put in a save point and expects someone to play for 10 hours straight???

Obviously the moron developer who thought of this DLC has no kids, no other responsibilities and is probably some 25 year old nerd who lives in mom’s basement and hasn’t showered or been out of the basement for a week so he thinks it’s ok to make a DLC without saves and expect people to play for 10 hours straight like they have nothing else in their lives to do like this jerk weed!!

This is the worst DLC I have ever played!! I am so mad at the loser who made this DLC and I’m not the only one, but I’m a sucker for punishment and so I will complain BUT keep grinding out the waves until I hit 100 waves. Then I will have to do it 2 more times on two other arenas for 300 total waves.

Do me a favor and don’t put yourself through the same punishment I’m going through, let me save you the trouble and trust me you do not want to play this DLC EVER!! Now it’s time for me to go back to 7 more hours of 70 waves of monsters to kill. GREAT!!

You don’t have to do the long arena challenges - they’re really intended for hard core co-op play. Just go do one of the other DLCs instead. If you got the GOTY version, you got all the DLC included.

I already did the short challenges. The long challenges aren’t that difficult it’s just time consuming and I can’t believe they wont let you save until it’s all done. Who’s got 10 hours to do a 100 waves? And do it 3 times

I am a hard core gamer, I just don’t have 10 hours to play without saving

Well, it was released in 2009 - expectations about who played games and how were quite different back then. I agree the long challenges are too much though - I still haven’t attempted them, and I only did the short ones once (co-op). Fortunately, there’s plenty of fun to be had in the other DLCs.

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I agree the other DLC’s are great, overall the game is awesome I just don’t like the one DLC. I never played any of the Borderlands games before but after finishing the first game I went out and bought The Handsome Collection and Borderlands 3 but I haven’t got to them yet, just trying to grind out all 300 waves in the Moxxi DLC

I should check the completion stats for it some time. I’m willing to bet they are a lot lower than the short challenges, and much less than the Knoxx DLC ones.

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I’ve done each of the 20 rounders solo before, if you have good gear, play well, and don’t die more than a time or 2, it can be done in all of about 3 hours. That said, that’s still a marathon session of play. There’s a reason it’s just the 5 rounders that are needed for the quest that unlocks the skillpoints (1 per PT) and the bank can be used without even playing the 5 rounders. The achievement for the 20 rounders is one of the rarest according the steam stats for achievements iirc, and for good reason: it’s hard and time consuming to get.

Been trying to think of a non-judgmental way of saying this.
This DLC is doing exactly what it’s intended to do.
Yes, it’s a slog. I’ve only done the complete challenge once, to say to myself I did it and don’t expect to ever do it again, but it didn’t suck.
Took me hours. And it was tedious. For me, I was basically keeping the trigger down on my Hellfire and spraying waves and waves of the same enemies over and over and over again. My hands and forearms were sore when I was done.
But there was a sense of satisfaction of going through it. It’s the difference between running a sprint and finishing a marathon, you hurt a lot after running 26 miles, but you did it.
As I said, I’ll never do it again, but I found it challenging and fun.
Of course, now you can go do the Circle of Duty missions in the Knoxx DLC, which is kinda the same thing though you get more breaks and it’s shorter to complete.