Made A Cool New PSN Battleborn Community

Hey everyone.

I made a new PSN community based on the success of the Forum Folks PSN chat.

I realise communities are a better idea because people can both chat as well as see and join Battleborn lobbies of players who are in the community and online.

The community is called Battleborn Sustained

I have made @epicender584 @nemosis327 @deande @BaconianOne moderators.

Please join and help us grow!

Feel free to add me FilthyLittleGod on PSN if you would like an invite to the community or if you just want someone to play Battleborn with!


I rate this idea. There were a lot of people In that chat.



Feel free to add anyone you want to the community!


As always Filthy, a big thank you for the idea of starting a PSN forum chat in the first place. It brought a lot of us together and I have met some amazing people in that chat @Ripley @Nemosis327 @FlamesForAll @epicender584 @Ginger_greninja @EdenSophia @Shadows_Haven. Those are just some. If you were not mentioned it’s because I cannot keep up with all of your forum names x.x, not because I do not love you.
I enjoy you lot everyday; we will continue to grow and spread the BB community friendship everywhere. We stuck in there with all of us nutcases for like a month. We are the biggest family of badasses that you will ever take pleasure in meeting.
For the Forum Community
For Battleborn Sustained
And of course
For The Jennerit


Hey, I wanna do a few things, such as put up fanart every friday, have weekly or biweekly privates matches, but what time slot would work best for you guys in that respect?


I’m available to help with whatever. I think it would be cool to have a community play of the week or something to highlight how exciting battleborn can be.

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I’m really busy with some big school projects right now but anything you guys can do to help the community would be greatly appreciated!

Hey guys. I plan on trying to set up some private matches the day after tomorrow and/or the day after that but won’t be on to message people for awhile. I will probably be working to set it up 2-3 pacific time(my time) or 5-6 east coast time

Hope to see y’all there!


I joined for the immortality :smiley:

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I would join up but my HDMI to DVI cable has died, so no PS4 for me at the moment. :frowning:

Once it’s replaced though, expect me (and my drunken controller aiming) in.


Just bought the game and joined the community.
I’ll be playing tonight around 22h (New York time)


@FlamesForAll and to anyone in the battleborn community who reads this, let’s start inviting new players to the community and educate as many of them as possible


I’ll be a lot more active now that there’s a communities app. FanartFridays can exist now like I wanted them to. Still tryna set up privates but no one ever responds so I kinds gave up

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I recently discivered that the chat has a 100 person limit, which makes me sad.


So does this replace the Forum chat you added me to? Because I had to turn off notifications because that chat gets a bit well… chatty :slight_smile:

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Forum chat stil seems to be far and away the best way.

Would you like a re-invite?

This is the first time I’m seeing this post, I was still banned when you made it.

NOW, I DEMAND that you make a moderator at ONCE! To represent the Australian community, of course, and totally not because I love dictating who lives and who dies.

Nah but for serial, chuck us an invite? I left the forum chat long ago because of incessant pings, but this sounds like a good idea. There was a similar community made long ago by an Australian forum member which had around 150 members at its peak but I think most of those users have since stopped playing. I even made one, but I lost interest when randoms would request to join and everyone stopped playing.

@mlemmon2 JazzyLemmon, I recognise that name, I’ve played against you quite a few times. Didn’t know you were from the forums. And @BaconianOne I played with and against you three or four times the other night, I tried to invite you to party chat when we matched against a Japanese team I recognised… They wrecked us lol :open_mouth:



Invite (re?) sent!

How did I miss sending you an invite?

I’ll make you a mod when you join!

It’s an easy job, and the (complete lack of) pay reflects that!


What is this Communities app you speak of?

[quote=“Slif_One, post:17, topic:1550740, full:true”
@mlemmon2 JazzyLemmon, I recognise that name, I’ve played against you quite a few times. Didn’t know you were from the forums.

Yeah, I was reading the forums since launch, but only recently signed up on the forums to post/reply. Mainly because I enjoy this game and want to continue to play it, (especially while enjoying adult beverages) I find the forum chat channel and this community a great tool!

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