Made a music track inspired by Borderlands

New Borderlands player here! I am more of a musician than a gamer, but I’m enjoying Borderlands 2 soundtrack and was inspired to make a track that could fit the game. Hope you’ll like it :wink: You can check it out here:


I moved you to fan creations where this belongs, also listening right now.

I like it a lot actually, would you allow someone to use this on their youtube borderlands gameplay footage? full credit and link will be given.

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Really impressive. I can definitely imagine this being in a game like Borderlands!

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I am glad that you like it, but I’ve been contacted about that track so I’ll have to pass for now. Usually, I wouldn’t have anything against it even though I’m trying to sell it for a minimal fee- if the gameplay is interesting that is a great ad for me :smile:
I will make something similar in the future, for sure. I’ll keep in mind to post it here, or you can send me an email that is on my site to message you when done!

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Sorry and thank you very much! Honest mistake! :smile:

@Stoker Thank you! Nice to see a fellow metalhead :smiley:

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As I promised ,I made a new track and it is free for you to download it and use it! It has a CC license! Hope that you like it!