Made a post pretty much everywhere... why not here too?


I just finished Undertale and watched a playthrough and now life has no meaning anymore… ■■■■ those feelings. I’m pretty sure I’m addicted to thinking about it now (if that even makes sense) and I don’t want to do the other endings or my memories will be destroyed :’(
(I guess it couldn’t get more off topic :smiley:)

Has anyone of you played this game? (If you haven’t and decide to look at reviews first…don’t)

As you said don’t look at the reviews, can you tell me what it is like?

If you like emotional games… get it, you will connect with characters so fast.
Also… it is a pretty slow game, so you have to be patient and I would strongly advice NOT rushing it, look everywhere and read every sign.

Oh ok, thanks. Will consider getting it.