Made of Sterner Stuff... Worth it?

Is made of Sterner Stuff worth it at all at 5/5? I would probably be using mostly the Blockade or the Antagonist.

Only if you have points in everything else you want, its a really small bonus

Yeah i’m doing an all Jakobs shotgun build so i’m not really going into LBT too much, or at all… still haven’t decided if i need Myelin. I’m not specced into The Better Half because well Jakobs shotgun. I was trying to figure out if speccing into that just in case would be more beneficial than only 5 in MoSS? I guess it would help if i could decide on a COM lol. Appreciate the help.

That’s the one for health bonus, right?

I find that the health bonus is extremely tiny on Gaige and might not make too much a difference. BUT, DeathTrap himself is pretty weak. So, him having a little extra health will let him scratch enemies a couple more times. Depending on the situation, once he gets his melee damage REALLY rolling from Upshot Robot ( I think ) then he’ll kill enemies before they can hit him back. More health might help him get that more consistently.

Myelin can help quite a bit in your defence.

Yeah, making your shields bigger AND cutting down on how bad their biggest weakness - shock - hurts you is a nice thing.

Shame that the only COM that actually boost Myelin only drops on lvl61 and higher. The regular Anarchist COM could make great use of it while dropping DFA.