Madhous! Needs to return.. So do Actual Vladof style Magazines!

This game has small magazines you can blah about class mods giving a bit n 50% ona artifact. But blah!
At least if i get a vladoff magazine can it have a box or sometbing cool like.alot of freakin bullets?!

At least if i get a Vladoff magazine iexpect a huge fricken clip!

So far only the pewpew and other Cov guns have satisfied that itch to spray bullets everywhere.
But theyre all fire except one and two defunct subpar quest guns

Shure theres the dictator n monarch… Yeah yay 2 guns… Theres that one maliwan gun and smg that can get 70. Theyre useless atm in m10.

I loved the kitten
Double anarchys boneshredder’s guns… Itsa crap blue now and i farmed for it… Couldn’t kill basic mobs.

Everythings legendaries now unfortunately…

But i miss soo many gun types. Huge 100 mag plasmacaster ars with 3 shots ir 2 shots or all kindsa weirdness.

I hate the homogenization. I like EXPLOSIONs which is weak now because its alll kinetic splash or elemental not a true explosion.

I like the gigantic mags bullets flying everywhere feel i got in both borderlands. I mean it was there if you liked it… Wasnt BiS but you could make it work!

I dont like being forced to use bipod for monarch to get that feel. Unless ur flak or moze ur gonna have to reload alot anyways so eh.

This game definitely isnt balanced so dont gimmie nonsense about borederlands 3 ever being Balanced! Lmao…

But yeah we dont have alot of options on weapons as it stands anyways…

Im just saying. I dont wanna lose what i loved in previous games… I want more!

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there is the super shredifier, very popular back in M3.

Yeah it tickles now… Even with all ase’s running

I just want a BOOM Kitten lmao

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Me too! Thatnwould be insane. I had a bunchs diff kittens resetting the game.

Game feels like no matter what gun i use im reloading every 3 or 4 seconds

Cepr on moze.n flak.of.course but i think everyone should have their gimmicks and everyone having better meele and damage resistance trees.

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Big mag sizes haven’t been the hallmark of Vladof weapons… ever? That said, Moze with a slew of points in Bottomless Mags can fire quite a few of them (and others) almost indefinitely. If you’re looking for sustained weapon fire (which I get - that’s an itch I love to scratch), Moze has you covered in the green tree.

I thought I was the only person who liked to use the Madhous… loved rocking that thing with Gaige.

In 2 vladoff mags on rifles thatbwould be 10 to 12 were straight out 20

Big drum mags are all vladoff

This was a company known feature including quotes from marcus abour vladoff

Vladof. You don’t need to be a better shot, you just need to shoot more bullets."
“Wanna shoot a lot of bullets really fast? Vladof has your needs covered.”

Unending Expansive , bolshy or drum, workers. Were all valdoff part names for increased magazine besides vladof having fire rate

Vladof also had reduced ammo consumption so you can shoot more.

Vladoff is known to have high fire lower accuracy rates because their guns have enough mag size to spray.

Why aim when you can spray? No one is faster than a Vladof! - Mad Moxxi

The point is vladoff means alot freaking bullets real fast.

I could go on and on about their weapons too

All the spin guns all the gigantic mag original crap guns. The. We have the bl2 favs the kitten shreddifier the leadstorm.

Fast with huge mags or reduced ammo consumption.

Drums on all

“This Comrade Vladof! Now is the time to throw off your shackles and use our high-throughput weapons to liberate yourselves from your oppressors! May your finger never leave the trigger!”

Ita about alot.of.bullets flying out real fast and that requires what their guns always had… Big ass magazine size.

Vladof mag sizes are cute, but they were no S&S, Bandit, or Scav (whose gimmick was actually a gigantic magazine). As you say, CoV is filling this role in BL3. Vladof’s claim to fame over the franchises is/was high fire rates. Their magazine sizes have, I think, increased relatively with each franchise, where some of their rifles in BL3 have wonderfully big magazines.