Magazine size from relic- wrong?

I’ve spotted an odd issue with a relic with a +40% mag size. I’ve been using smgs with moze, speccing 5 into her Iron Bank skill for a +35% mag size, and getting mag sizes of 34 with a 20 base size mag.

Now, my maths is a little rusty, but 20 +35% +40% should be 35.

With a bit of trial and error, the Iron Bank skill +35% adds 7 to a mag of 20. Ok.

The relic +40% when equipped, adds 7 to a mag of 20. Not ok. It does this with or without Iron Bank being active.

So either the ui for the relic is wrong and it’s not +40%, or the maths is wrong somewhere, or something else very odd is happening…

All numbers on cards are rounded so the original mag size could be lower than 20, and the same with every bonus from skill, COM or artifact.

I did think that too- but the +35% is 7, and if the base mag size was less than 20 then I’d expect that to round to 6 (assuming rounding is down to the nearest bullet).

I reckon it’s more likely that the relic is actually 39 point something, which rounds up in the UI but down for bullets. It’s really obvious when dealing with these simple numbers that it’s not doing what is written on the card.

They round up and down based on what’s closer, I think. So, 19.6 would be 20. Lemme do some numbers.

Taking an extreme example, if the mag size is actually 19.6, and the bonus is actually 39.6 percent, you’ll get 7.056…which would mean cards would read 20, 40, bonus 7.

Skills are likely hard set values to the specific number on the card, artifact values are rolls that get rounded to the whole number.