Magazine size question

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Im a big fan for Joltz and Killer6, who have done some borderlands 1 videos recently. They were fun to watch, so i fired up my old borderlands game and having a real blast. Lilith and Brick were real fun.

I’m now playing Roland and have a question about mag size. Im level 28, but have bought the SDU upgrade to 1080 for the SMG via the Underdome. I have a Heavy Gunner class mod on and have 5 in Overload.

The mag size is still 1080 for SMG with the class mod and being spec’ d into Overload. I’m probably missing something simple, but i was wondering if there was an obvious misunderstanding on my part.

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Unless I’m mistaken Overload boost the Magazine size (so if you had 30 bullets and if the wiki is correct with 108% being the maximum boost from skill points and com boost you should have 62/63 shots before reloading) not the total amount of ammo you can carry (which is what the SDU boosts).

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That makes sense…Thanks!

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