Maggie and cobra

does anybody want a maggie or a cobra

I’ll trade for bees

If its the same level 61 cobra in the other thread, want would you like to trade for it in 61 or op8 as I might just have it. Thanks in advance.

its not op its just 61

i sent you a request duk3ed

Sorry since I accepted another one for another trade, I must’ve missed your fr. I’ll check again later today.

Now what would you want in exchange for it? I have mostly 61’s and OP8’s. Let me know so I can see if I have it. Thanks.

i would accept really anything what can u offer

I thought you sent it to me since your first response didn’t mention who you sent the fr to until now. Sorry for the misunderstanding. Anyhow, I’ve got bees and a 94% sham as well but no worries man I don’t mean to hijack dibs on trades so goodluck with your trade.

your all good i still have one i would be willing to trade

No worries here mate. Just send me an fr and I’ll see to it that you get a fair trade.

you got duplicates of the cobra cause I`ve been trying to get one for a long time

what do u mean

i didnt dupe it

Ive got a level 61 maggie. would trade for a level 61 grog nozzle (preferably with a blade) or a fire sandhawk with the fire rate or damage prefix.