Maggie: is it weak at M10?

I haven’t been a huge Maggie fan so I haven’t used it a lot in my other 3 VHs but during my recent leveling of Zane I found a couple as I was leveling and found it rather effective for me even when it was many levels lower than my current level. However, that was story mode and then only M2 from 35 to 60.

Once I hit 60 I broke out the level 60 M10 Maggie I had in the bank with 200% dmg ASA. I thought…this is going to be sick! My AS is almost always up. This might be too easy. However…not so much. It’s still decent on flesh but seems to struggle with anything else. Previously it didn’t matter what type of health bar I could just delete everything. I have a 60 M10 Hellshock with a lesser anointment that is miles better (75% dmg ASA).

Is this gun just not as good at M10 or maybe just not with Zane?

ASA requires to have the weapon out as you activate the AS, and then you cannot swap gun or you will lose it.
Apart from that, Maggie is an "old"generation weapon, but should perform decently, even tho not as good as the new Mayhem or DLC legendaries.

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Try Maggie with sntnl cryo or barrier crit anointment.

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