Maggie replacement

Got this lovely piece today.

Anyone tested this gun vs. Maggie in a Playing Dirty build?

I’d pick a Maggie over a Foursome pistol everyday and twice on Sundays …

There are only 2 other pistols in the game that could be considered Maggie replacements:
The Love Drill and the Lucky 7 in my opinion.

The Devil’s Foursome is best used with an Elemental Projector to proc a specific element onto yourself or using a shock variant to replenish shields when using a Transformer shield.

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My sntl cryo maggie still works. Pair it with crit damage and pistol damage rolls on your coms and artifacts and it still good in m10.

Triple aaa is good for getting easy crits although I haven’t used it in current mh10 yet so not sure how well it has scaled atm.

Hellshock is doing well as well.

Devil’s Foursum was a great M3 gun, once you figured out the correct range-to-target. I used a Radiation version with Gamma burst Flak and finished every Proving grounds with it. It started to lose it’s punch in M4 and has fallen off a cliff in M2.0.

I don’t have an M10 Little Yeeti yet, but pre M2.0 it sure felt like a punchier Maggie, much lower capacity though.

The problem with the Devil’s Foursum is getting the optimum range down.
Spent a bit of time, got it to kinda work, but too much trouble when being mobbed to keep the necessary range.

I can confirm triple aaa is not scaling well it tickles.

I dont think we can really replace the maggie, other characters whose ase’s come out less complicatedly are using it fine and of course flaks doing beyond superb with it. The maggie was a must have for me but now its slot is a plaguebearer always.

Little Yeeti (the masher variant) and Lucky 7 are good. The Love Drill is more of an Unforgiven upgrade than a Maggie replacement, but it could also do the trick.