Magic/tech crafting NPC

So since a lot of people would like to reroll anointments, I tjougjtt there could be a kinda new magic NPC, maybe guardian style
That you pay with a lot! of eridium to change not only anointments but also other stuff like secondary rolls in artifacts and maybe even let you customize the skill boni on class mods beyond drop rolls
Like a complete new layer of customization but ofc, that would have to be very expensive so you won’t just be able to craft a lof of stuff without thinking about it. You will eventually need to farm for eridium.
I would love that because I love customization and I love farming for materials.

Any maybe for a counterpart there could be a technical NPC that you are paying with gold to take out and change weapon parts? But that might be abusable due to the amount of gold, you can have in this game.

I have been saying this for a long time. I would drop 10k eridium without hesitation for a customized goodie lol

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