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See, that’s the thing. Even if I do get to the fullest… that’s a great time to pull out. Even if it doesn’t pan out, the only other “commander goal” is having a deck of every color combination, which I lack the fortitude for, and I’m already also into double mardu, double red, double sultai. Hitting either 19-20 decks is actually fun because then I get to randomly choose my deck with a D20.

There’s the sweet spot right there. But I need differing archetypes.

I’m really big on the command zone and a little big on tolarian community college. The latter has a lot of stuff to make my brain think (I’ve slowly become more of a value player vs a big swingy combo player because of Command Zone/Game Knights), and TCC is a good product guide on sealed and he has some good bits from time to time.

It’s my understanding that the prof and rudy have beef, and a lot of what I’ve heard before is that Rudy is hated by a lot of the community and occasionally a jerk IRL…

But I absolutely can’t argue with what you’re saying based on the vids I’ve watched so far.

I’ve learned more about counterfeits and scams on his channel than I have anywhere else. The glossy sheen is a very nice indicator above all else. Learned a lot about mana cost spacing in old cards that I still know nothing about to grade, but good to know. He is a very real asset to the community, unlike some others that I’ve heard ill of and don’t like.

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They get along fine.

He’s hated because he is an investor who has a massive amount of RL cards. People cry about those cards not being on the market anymore because he owns so many. They also say crap about him having an agenda to push up the prices of things he sells (sealed product) or has stockpiled (see RL cards). It’s all penis envy crap that poisons this community far too often.

I think so. His “tell it like it is without caring what Wizards thinks” attitude is refreshing.

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Funny you mention this. Im watching the command zone end of year wrap up and honestly… It feels like wotc has a shotgun over jlks and jimmys head. They’re not saying a lot of positives, but it feels like dragging a negative out of them would take a plunger.

There’s a lot of bad things wotc did this year.

Watching them skate around it is physically hurting my drunk cool down.

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I hear you. I hate watching content creators pander to Wizards and tip toe around things. Which is why I don’t really watch many of the MtG guys on the Tube. Ol’ Rudy doesn’t give a crap and always says what is on his mind. Something I appreciate.

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Hot Take: Wizards plan for diversifying MTG’s player base included someone at corporate deciding that “girls like cats”, so now they’ve been pretending it’s an “established, venerated tribe” and won’t go longer than two years without a set with a cat tribal subtheme.

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They really are short sighted at times aren’t they?

Funny though, I have a little collection of MtG cat cards that I set aside from the regular bulk commons. No not the Khajiit kind, just big cats and house cats.

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See, this is why I think they went this route. They could have went back and made “Leonin” a thing but noooo. Just cats and more cats that walk upright and use weapons.

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Best Leonin ever.

Seriously, I want this card.

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You should still be able to find copies of omg kitties on Ebay for decent prices.

That’s actually part of my theory- the two casual tribes from secret lair were cats and goblins. Goblins has a big pedigree in game, but cats has always been a fringe tribe with very little support. I think it got shoehorned in (with not a lot of card value) because someone at wotc thinks cats = girl players.

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For a company that makes amazing cards with cool mechanics, they really are simple minded at times.

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And Oko bites the dust in modern.


Let’s parse this out now.

Oko has been banned in… Standard, Brawl, Pioneer, Historic, MTG Online, and Modern.

Leaving him legal only in Legacy, Vintage, and Commander.

He’s… less threatening in commander, but still worth killing.

People are already talking bout him getting banned in Legacy, but not Vintage or Commander.

Personally I’d love to see the classic “restricted” in Vintage make a comeback.

Oko makes the Power 10.

Good times.

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The best win con.

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Prerelease pulls were shiiit today.

Still got the box me and my brothers went in on. Waiting on them to show up before we start crackin packs.

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Rewatching a weird documentary today called “Sour Grapes” about a guy who made counterfeit wine. I wonder if someday there will be one about counterfeit mtg cards. I remember in the cracked article about it, cops still consider it a joke. Given how many cards just Rudy has vetted, i wonder how much “fake money” is out there.

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A lot I’m guessing. I’ve handled a lot of “proxy” cards over the years. Some just feel and look fake. Others feel and look overall pretty good but they have slight visual errors that give them away. Unless someone has spent a lot of time with MtG cards and knows exactly what to look for, they should stick with buying PSA cards, even in low grades. It’s much safer for those people.

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The two big markets that get me are legacy tournament players who have the biggest drive, and chinese fakes for modern/standard over the past few years. The latter is just there cause… Volume. It’s staggering to think what could be out there.

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Here is where things get really hairy. Just for fun I ordered a Teferi, Hero of Dominaria from an overseas high end proxy maker (not your typical Chinese bulk order store) so I could compare it with my real one. Just to see how far they have come lately and holy crap! This thing was amazing. Spot on card texture, colors, holo and feel. It passed every test with flying colors.

Makes me wonder just how many of these modern MtG replicas are on the market right now.

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I’d say anything after Zendikar is where you can see it… and that’s a huge market.

In actual play news for once the usually quiet cEDH community is politiking hard to get Flash banned.

We’ve talked about the card here before, but as a refresher-


Equals a lot of ways to win the game on the spot.

The problem is that since protean hulk got unbanned, cEDH had laregely develoved into a format with two tier 0 decks, a .5 deck, a few 1 decks, and then everything else was tier 2.

A new card from theros-

Literally combines the top two decks into one deck that can win on turn 0, and turn 4 is considered “slow”.

Interesting situation - a lot of people have been nervous and apparently her showings after prereleases last week have confirmed peoples fears.

Unless the flash ban comes down, cEDH will effectively be a single deck format, and will be considered “meta solved”.

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I have nothing to add, but this seems like the sort of thread that would find this worth a giggle.