Magnus Pack glitch in new patch!

I bought a magnus pack today and when I opened it, I received ALL 3 Ambra Magnus Pack skins. (I know right?!) I also got all three Whiskey Foxtrot skins in another but that’s not the point. As i tried to redeem the skins a game started and as most people know, the servers are wack today and times out the lobby everyone so you can’t play anything besides training. All in all, I disint get one of the Ambra skins and I’m actually really upset right now. I spent 50$ on packs can someone help me?

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This is what is popping up on my screen now, I can’t fix it either.

This is the forums, we can’t do anything about it. Send in a ticket to support.


Please open a support ticket here:


Ok, thank you. I sent one.