Magnus Pack Skins

I like that they put skins in the Magnus Pack but here is the problem. I personal don’t like the color scheme of that skin, however Caldarius looks frigging dope with it and I want it specifically for him but that darn Magnus Pack will make me waste a ton of my own hard earn money till I get that skin for Caldarius or I get lucky on the first try. This sucks and I just want it specifically for him but there is no way to gurantee that.

Welcome to the horrible realm of RNG… :expressionless:



Ah, I see you’re not very familiar with cosmetic loot packs.

It’s like gambling. But it technically isn’t.

Does this mean… they got rid of the skin/taunt section entirely?

No. Just means that the one certain skin for each character is still not available there, but only via Magnus Pack. All the other skins and taunts should still be there, that were there before this week.

Ah, so the Silver/Red Skins can atm only be aquired through Magnus Packs… OK, thought they shoved all Premium skins there since I “Re-Unlocked” one Skin for Benedict and one for Marquis, but since I already bought the Marketplace empty before the Update I couldn’t check.

Thanks for clearing that up. :acmaffirmative:

Yep, this was pretty much a dick move from GBX/2K. I supported this game (and it’s microtransactions) because it didn’t have “Not Gambling” lootboxes.


Well, at least I can hope that the only Magnus Pack exclusive they do is this particular skin. Sigh.

You must first give blessings to RNGsus.

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Blesseth be RNGesus… Amen.

Give me all the Whiskey skins.

You greedy ■■■■.

God damnit.

Where is the gaming world going with this next?
TF2 hats seems to have birthed a monster.