Magnus packs not giving flair

I bought and opened a Magnus pack, and there was no flair in it (says it guaranteed, right?).

If anything, it just gave core loot pack loot instead.

Anyone else have this issue?

Ps4 idk if thats how it works tho… But i got 2 white 1 blue and 1,000 credits.

It gives gear which has a flair on it, as in it’ll look normal but it’ll say “nurse hat” near the bottom. When you activate it it’ll add the hat to you character

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I unfortunately didn’t see that.

Sigh, mmmm. Why is connected to gear and not just by itself so people don’t get confused?

So, this works by activating the gear in-match, and for that match–with that specific gear–you get flair? This is odd, the pieces of gear that has these flairs are trash pieces so I don’t think I have any reason to use them.

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Notice the blue text on the bottom

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Yea, I see the very small text with the same colouring as the lore based flavour text.

Seems so odd to have this connected to a piece of gear though, instead of just stand-alone.

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It’s a Gatcha

Boy you sure do love that freakin sweat gold crown on your Phoebe
Sucks it’s on CC gear
Sure you could “make do” with your awesome crown even though it’s on gear you (and no one else in their right mind) would never normally use
But what if you just took a chance on getting that sweet crown on an Epic Atk Piece?
Hey what’s a couple bucks amirite?

Smeh, I won’t be farming them.

Really great improvement for the game. I’m sure millions of people will get the game now that they can play with their heads on fire.