Magnus Skins and Tease?!?!

So I got to ask, I was in the dojo and saw the new Magnus Tier skins but also Gold and Digital skins for characters that haven’t had one also Elite Black Skins for some of the DLC characters that have yet to get a shift code release. My question is are these skins in the Magnus Pack aswell or is this to tease us in that we should keep watching social media/ twitch? Also has anyone even gotten any of the Magnus Tier skins trying to figure out the drop rates for them.

Breaking Character…

Some of the black skins are awarded based on completing original unlocks for characters.
Some of the black skins are available after playing certain PVE story missions (Caldarius, Boldur, ISIC).
Some of the black skins are shift code only.

The gold skins are pretty much all shift codes or rewards to players who purchased early/bought the game at full price/as part of a special deal.

For example… Orendi gold skin was available for downloading Battleborn Tap (separate free phone game app thing)
Rath, Reyna, Montana, Marquis, and Thorn gold skins were preorder of the full game back when it first came out.
ISIC, Benedict, Shayne and Aurox were shift codes.
And Alani, Beatrix, Kid Ultra, Ernest, and Pendles were shift code specials when the characters first dropped.

Some of the shift codes may or may not still be active.


People are saying a lot of these were deactivated with the FTP update, but… eh… give a few a shot anyway.
They… might still work?