Mahem mode 2, new patch

I am not a fan of constant change to the game mechanics but they come several times a month.

Not long ago the mayhem mode was explained by a much simpler map from 2K. It went from 1 to 6 with no forced modifiers. Now it has modifiers in with penalties from level 2. No one has explained why 2k did this so I understood the need. Did you fellow vault hunters think it was too easy to play the game before the patches last month?

I don’t fully understand what the in game menu graphic is telling me but it seems to say that the enemies are doubled or more in health, shield and armor in just level 1 and we get NOTHING!!

I am asking why that is when we are the target and suffer terrible drops for shields and weapons even now after patches. Should I just abandon BL3 till 2k stops messing up the game and for how long?

Not exactly.
For one, there’s more or better loot with a higher anoint rate (at Mayhem 10 literally every weapon you get is anointed), more experience, more money etc the higher the Mayhem is you play on.
Weapons and grenades that drop on high Mayhem are also stronger.

Certain modifiers are also beneficial to the player, especially the ones that are categorized as “easy”.

The reason behind it was less about just plain difficulty and more about changing up the gameplay as a whole.