Mailbox / Inventory crashing

I’ve just noticed a lot of rewards in my mailbox, upon opening it the game crashes every time.
A friend told me it may be due to all the rewards I had, so I spammed accept on them hoping to fix this issue. Though it just made it worse. I believe it’s a glitched item, and it’s causing me to not be able to open my inventory, shops, change weapons, etc. Both my characters suffer from this.

Here is an example of it crashing upon entering the mailbox. gyazo
And on my other character when switching weapons. gyazo

Has anyone found or heard of a fix?

I had this issue too, what fixed it for me was actually verifying the game, putting the game on fullscreen and using vsync on with 22-62 smooth framerate.

I’ll try verifying again. Already playing on fullscreen with vsync though.

Yeah try that, other than that, just wait for a patch really :confused:

That actually did the trick this time, thank you.

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You’re welcome <3