Mailbox Suggestions/Concern

Very recently I found out that there is a storage limit to the mail you can receive, besides shift codes and pre-order exclusives, and unfortunately lost a Bekah and a Lyuuda both at level 50. Now I know that it’s possible to get the Lyuuda as a world drop, but as of right now the only way to get the Bekah is by finishing Hammerlocks quest line, and I could do the missions again in another level 50 character. My concern in this situation is that quest line rewards should not be overwritten by manufacturer rewards. Some other thoughts are there should be a notification that states when you are approaching your mail limit or state when mail will expire, like it already does for player sent mail.

Now unfortunately I’ve already contacted support and was told that they are unable to restore loot that had disappeared from the mail system. I wanted to share this with the community seeing as I had run out of space in my inventory/bank and wrongfully assumed that it was safe because there was no expiration or mail limit listed. Looking back in hindsight I could have made a mule character to collect these items, but seeing as it has already happened I didn’t want others to experience this.

Tldr: Mail has a limit, roughly 25 manufacturer/quest mail before it will start being overwritten, and there is no notification of you are approaching that limit or if at risk for losing mail.

Feel free to add on to the conversation and happy hunting.


Thats why i try to remember to check it often. I agree something letting you know its getting full would be nice. Easy way is make mail icon change color. Yellow for almost full, red for full. And make the icon bigger, i hardly notice it.

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Yeah, some kind of change would be nice and a color coded system for the icon would be subtle enough that it doesn’t impede the game. And after this happened I started clearing out my mail on my lower level characters so I can buy more sdu’s.

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I need to make more toons also. Just doing story playthrough on mh1 and my bank is full of leggos. I think the drop rate is a bit to high.i dont get the excitement seeing the orange glow.

I have a lot of Bekahs laying around in the banks, they can also drop from any source, not only from that quest. I will check that and if I have multiple like I suppose I send you one.

Also strange but I have over 158 Mails and nothing vanishes but the ones with expiration on them, but I also had a one vanish that still was there, I redeemed it and it did nothing, so I redeemed it 10000 times peep peep peep peep peep peep peep peep but it didn’t work and after going out and in the mail it wasn’t there anymore.

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Definitely needs some way to warn you that it’s getting full and then when it is. Also, the game should never choose to replace whatever it wants.

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Like bling :neutral_face: probably only another crap malaks bane or woodblocker anyway or worse some cosmetics … and if not -> then bank and back pack also has almost no space… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I dont want stingy drops like bl2. Some of those were terrable to get. 94% shame, 6 months. But now they drop like candy. Most i dont use. Got good purples for mobbing and my lyuda for bosses.

Just got my second bitch today. Got one couple days ago also.

my mail is always full, because of the rewards for gun companies. and i am just to lazy to empty it because of the fact that it’s always greens to epics. would be nice at 50 if they increased it to 1000 kills and you get an legendary from the company as a reward.

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Is @avincent1991 your GT or? Because I just got one that I can send you, but i need to send it now because bank is full.

EDIT: No it’s not your GT. Well then I need to activate my 5th mule now and store it there. Seriously, how long do we have to w8 for that %&£"*ç^ back pack and bank upgrade?!?!

Well thank you for sharing your loss. :cry: I would of probably happened upon the same tragedy without your PSA.

Yeah, unfortunately I can’t change my username on here. My GT is DD BTU. And hey at least we only have what a week before the update drops, 21st I believe.

Also, I appreciate the gesture, but you don’t have to send me the weapon. I was able to get one w/ my other level 50 with a terror anointment.

Well, I’m glad my post had helped someone else, :).

Well if you already found one, alright then.