Main Quest: 7 of 20

This quest is misleading and is wasting people’s time. It should be reworded to be more specific as to which ultimate skills will count or deleted from the Main Quest list.


You haven’t specified which quest this is, but I’m assuming it’s the “kill X Battleborn with your ultimate”. If that is the case, any damage-dealing ultimate counts. Note that some ultimates don’t deal damage, or are primarily a buff component (e.g. El Dragon’s initial explosion counts, but his empowered attacks do not).

Yes, that’s the quest. Your response explains what I’m talking about. The quest does not say “damage-dealing” ultimate that does not include a buff.

It’s pretty self explanatory IMO. You have to actually kill with the ultimate. Empowered attacks are not killing with the ultimate, they’re killing with the attacks. The requirement is that you land the finishing blow with your ultimate, not get a kill while in your ultimate (whatever that may mean for different characters).

Apparently GBX agrees with you. I do not. Each character has an ultimate skill, whether it includes a buff or not, it is still their ultimate skill.

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did something die when you used the ultimate, or did something die to your attacks after you used the ultimate. It’s a big difference.


All I know is that I used my ultimate and something died. I did not do an autopsy.

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So the only way for Reyna to complete this is … careful positioning and knocking someone off a ledge?

I wonder if that would count… But the Ult does do 1 dmg. Time it very carefully and…

But honestly, these kind of quests are there to give incentives to try other characters. Unfortunately you can’t complete the quest “Win 3 matches as a support character” as Rath. So maybe they want you to complete this one with certain characters too? Just a thought.


The bigger Question about is… will they fix it so that Ults vs. Bots count?

Had weak lined up bots(Bendict and Rath)… one of them counted as KO, not too hard if you land a hit with Orendi’s Ult.

The thing is, still having 0 out of 3 and having to adjust so the game will count it is one thing… but having something, that in Theory should count, but because Whoopsie Daisy some adjustments are not done doesn’t… that is annoying.

I’m happy bots battles helped out with some really annoying Lore, but that it won’t help with this stupid Ult. Quest is disapointing.

also arent the main quest things just to get credits? i mean you actually get platinum from the dailies but so far ive only seen credits for the main quest. i know they said the main quest was more for new players to get them to try out more aspects of the game. at this point i could care less about credits i dont spend them on much so just piling up now. these main quests are more to expose players to different parts of the game. no need to grind them unless you really need the credits i guess.