Main quest challenges question

I’m stuck on main quest 7 of 20: Kill 3 enemy Battleborn with an Ultimate Skill.
It shows I have 2/3.

Do I need to kill 3 at the same time or same match?

I know I have killed at least one since it’s been 2/3.

Stuff like El dragón’s En Fuego doesn’t count btw.

It can if you kill them with the explosion damage.

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All three must be PVP, Not bots battle. Also have to be a single skill, not self buff. Haven’t tried whiskey or Ghalt, as they may or may not work. Most attackers should be fine.

For this, I went Orendi, it is easy to kill someone with low health as her. Certain characters can’t achieve it, due to their ultimates acting as buffs. You could also use Thorn as her ultimate is also great for burst damage against a low health enemy.


Sometimes it doesn’t count. I reccomend Ambra. I also reccomend her for this quest

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Might as well throw a wet paper towel at them.


That falls for three seconds zing! Lol ambra nerf

If you kill a Battleborn using your ultimate skill, it should count. Either that or change the quest description.

Curious, anyone ever manage to actually kill a player with KU’s Ult? :smile:

Yes, made me chase him, but i had my legendary. It was funny.

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Also keep in mind that it has to be the ult power that delivers the kill. For example, if you drop an Airstrike and then unload a clip into the AoE, if the rifle does the killing blow, it doesn’t count. That might be the issue.

0/3 for me. I prefer Bot Battles if I do PVP at all. Sigh. And to me, it’s not labeled right if it HAS to be other players.

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