Main Quest, DLC, TVHM order and timing


I don’t know how it exactly works in BL2. In BL1 you had to play the Main Story, no side missions except for specific parts, then do a small portion of the DLC’s, have the stars align , sacrifice a goat and then you wouldn’t be over or under powered when you started PT2 where the real meat of the game was. This was a pain in the :heart::heart::heart: even if you’d played this game a few times before, I always ended up playing PT2 Knoxx DLC on a too high level.

How do you set about playing BL2 without being too OP or UP? Can I just play the game + side missions? Can I do the DLC’s or will I have to wait for PT2?
Is there a PT2, or is it relabeled TVHM? If so, UVHM is PT3? If I start UVHM can I go back to PT1 to finish side quests? Or am I stuck in that mode? Is there even a need to go back to PT1? (since there are no ClapTrap SDU Missions afaik)

Thanks in advance for the replies. GearBox should make some guides for new players.


In NVHM and TVH, the missions are set to specific levels, so you will be OP at some points. UVHM scales to the highest leveled member of the group, so that’s a different story. My advice is to skip some side missions during the TVHM playthrough, and come back to them once you’ve finished the main questline. Everything becomes level 50 after that. Check the level of the mission offered before accepting it. Some missions also offer great items as reward, and in those cases you’ll want them to be of high level. Those are the missions that are typically saved for later.

DLC’s are best left until you’ve finished TVHM main quest. Otherwise you’ll be very OP.

You can switch between modes, but your char will remain at that level, so doing missions in NVHM when your char is 50+… Not much fun!

The typical response here is to hold off on doing DLC until you start UVHM, and then do it in UVHM. If you do it in TVHM, you will likely be overlevelled when going into UVHM, and trust me, there is nothing worse. If you do a lot of extra stuff and start UVHM at level 55, you’ll be fighting level 55-57 enemies with doubled health and health regen with level 50 weapons. For obvious reasons this is not optimal. So DLC can be played instead of vanilla sidequests in NVHM and TVHM to keep on track with XP for the story, but if you do both you might regret it come playthrough 3 (UVHM).