Main Quest Footsteps of Giants is bugged, can't finish it

This is kinda sad, in Nekrotafeio, on the quest Footsteps of Giants. Instead of following the path that he gives you, I went straight to the path that you need to go anyway. Turns out, it skips a check point (the one that opens the gate) and now I’m hardlocked with no way to progress the main story. I mean, this is something that SHOULD have been tested, alas, it hasn’t been. Hopefully it gets fixed sooner rather than latter.

I’ve spent over an hours trying everything possible to get this gate to open, but it won’t, feelsbadman.

The gate in question:


I had the same bug. I was able to get past it by quitting to the main menu and then loading back in. I had to fight a few enemies again, but Typhon was in the right spot after that. Hopefully this works for you too.

Legend worked for me tkz @j_herring21 :slight_smile:

I’m stuck in the same place -.-

I am stuck on that quest too, the gate won’t open and the quest marker is off the map when im in the map. When i view the quest marker from different map or location, the quest marker seem to be on the right place. Basically I can’t finish the game, and i don’t understand why it is not fixed yet, of all the hotfixes. I don’t wanna be emotional but it is frustrating when you think about it, the game you can’t finish… This should be prioritize, the time, money and emotion that the customers invested into the game, and some of them just get this on the main quest… Not cool