Major Bug - Can't Progress in Main Campaign [PS4]

So I’m on Chapter 13 [edited], which takes place in Eden-6.

Took a break from the campaign and played some local co-op to help a lower level charater progress. The lower level character did not have access to Eden-6.

Went back to solo play and I can’t access Eden-6. The mission pointer is directing me to Fast Travel Stations, but once I open the menu, there’s no mission indicator in the menus. I have simply been locked out of Eden-6.

Very disappointed.

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I was just having the same issue but I found out that you have to go to the bridge where lilith is, use the little machine to navigate to eden 6, then go down to where Ellie is and use the drop pod again. Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:

Yep. Did the same thing in the end.

Previously, I had tried to be match-made into Eden-6, but all of my attempts kept sending me to the Circle of Slaughter even though I opted for the campaign.

Same issue here. Any solution on how to get the travel stations back?

just as the user two posts bove said. Go to the bridge of Sanctuary III, head to Eden 6 and use the Drop-pod to go back down.

Yeah going to bridge doesnt work eden 6 no longer listed anywhere

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