MAJOR BUG in Arms Race

During couch co-op, players are unable to respawn teammates in Arms Race with the new patch that came out Jan. 21, 2021 (Thursday). Not sure if people are having that problem with multiplayer sessions.



My friends and I are having the same issue. Or if we do manage to respawn, the person who respawned is invisible ps4 and ps5 versions


Yeah, on ps4, they get the respawn animation and instantly just go into spectating again (or as you said, goes “invisible” in a way).


ON PC using Epic, yes in 4 and 2 player games respawn either doesn’t work or the player comes back invisible (both to himself and others, though enemies can still locate him). This has happened a lot. basically since 20210121 AR respawn is busted.

Same here. We just try to never die. You can guess how well the works out…

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This is still ongoing for ps4. Happened twice last night playing arms race coop. Also character respawn in and invisible except for shadow of player and end of gun. Can’t heal what you can’t see… ???
GB come on and fix these issues. AR is sort of fun to play but still experiencing a lot of glitches and bugs daily

Nearly two weeks and respawn does not work (PC, Epic). Plus after not working, players who died come back into the next game invisible (to themselves and other players, enemies can see them).

This is a deal breaker for co-operative Arms Race. Two weeks and Gearbox is playing with Murdercane timing. Four of us play ever Friday and we have mostly been playing Arms Race.
Not anymore.

Any progress on this? We have abandoned AR completely though we would like to do it but not being able to respawn takes a lot out of it for cooperative play. We can’t believe this has gone on this long. Dicking around with gun buffs just ain’t gonna do it.
its not like Gearbox can’t duplicate the problem.

I have the same problem on Xbox One, whether I’m hosting or a friend is hosting. I thought the problem was limited to Arms Race, but we ran into the same problem in Maliwan Takedown, too.

As of 2/20/21 this still happens. I’m on XBOX. Friend respawns me, and they see a health bar like I’m back but I’m still spectating.

Arms Race respawning was mentioned in the fixes 20200218 so we tried it. Still broken with slight improvement ( 1 out of three respawned (still invisible).
This is on Epic server PC four players playing level 65 characters at ML11.
So we did Slaughters instead. Patience wearing thin.
Interesting that while spectating the un-spawned had the Murdercane effect from where they died.

Any update on when the re-spawn problem will be fixed in Arms Race? This bug makes co-op unplayable and the length of time this has been broken is getting ridiculous.

Twelve weeks on all platforms. In a four player game with one or more teammates down , respawn goes thru the motions but noone is respawned. After Arms Race is done the un-spawned are usually invisible.

Unfortunately this defect has been consistent for three months. Quit fiddling with weapons and fix this.

David Thiel

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AR is still doing the same also on PS4. Came back one time out of 4 times being respawning and invisible. It’s very annoying!!

I opened a support ticket on this, sent in video evidence of both problems and received the response that the devs were aware of the problem and “working on a fix”. That was a month ago. These problems were added with a patch so it doesn’t seem like it would be too difficult to look at what they changed in that patch and determine what they broke, but it does not seem like they care to do so.

This happens with us. Me and my husband play coop together. And we do not play Arms Race. It happens in the main game. We’re on a ps4. It has happened often in the last few months. We’re at a save section in the Guardian Breach. We pause the game and go back to it the next day so we don’t have restart the mission.