Major bug - online

So earlier me and a friend were farming a boss and everything was going good. But after about the 3rd try it started getting very laggy. He invites me to his game to respawn the boss after quitting and during the load screen the vault symbol stopped and my xbox shut completely down.

I checked temps and it’s not running hot my internet is perfectly fine so what caused this? And for it to shut my xbox completely off? That seems very dangerous and leads me to assume it could have an effect on my hardware. I just bought this xbox 1 x just for borderlands in 4k so it’s not an old system and is very well taken care of.

I’d greatly appreciate a response here or in PM from a developer because this is very concerning to me. I wont continue to play if I’m risking destroying my console. Crashing to dashboard is one thing but to ultimately power down my system? Doesnt seem safe.

A couple things I can think of quickly. Did you have any kind of an Xbox Console Update before this started happening? If so, it could be an Xbox bug, rather than a Borderlands 3 bug.

Secondly, where is your Xbox One X console located? Is it inside of a TV stand or entertainment center cabinet? And if so, have you added cooling fans on the outside of the console to redirect the hot air out of the cabinet?

On my original model Xbox One, I use the Nyko Intercooler specifically because it redirects the hot air to flow out of the front of my TV stand so it doesn’t get trapped in there and cause the system to overheat. I also use the Nyko Intercooler with my older Xbox 360 S for exactly the same reason.

Just a couple things to consider, please let us know if this issue gets resolved for you.

The only update I’ve had was the update that was applied when I bought the xbox and that was over 2 weeks ago. And it only happened online when joining an invite to a game. Offline or people joining my game it runs fine.

My xbox is on a stand away from anything that would block air flow through the system. It never gets hot as I checked temps and the feel of the console was fine. Also no hot air coming from the air vents just cool air. If it had been an overheating issue I would have known by turning the console back on and seeing a warning.

This is the first time it has happened and has kept me from joining any other online game. No other game has done this. Gears of War 5 is very taxing and I can hear my fans speed up when playing it but it has never shut off like this.

Edit: adding screenshots of my network speed if that makes a difference. Because load times for multiplayer is quite long to join a game every time.

Not the best but it does fine for any other game.

The second speed test there should be plenty of speed. Obviously, Synchronous Speeds (like you get from Verizon FIOS and other Fiber Optic service providers) would be preferable, where the upload speed is as fast as the download speed, but that should still be fine.

The first speedtest though… wow… by today’s standards, that’s painfully slow. It’s so slow that the FCC doesn’t even consider it Broadband Internet anymore (their current standard is continuous download speeds of 25 mbps or higher to be designated as Broadband Internet.)

Now, MegaBYTES Per Second is different. I’m not sure the exact conversion rate into megabits per second off of the top of my head. 120 mbps download is a typical cable internet speed these days and should be plenty of speed for this game.

Silly question, do you know what hard drive option your Xbox One X has in it? Is it the Hybrid Hard Drive (part SDD?) Or a standard hard drive? Because if the latter, MS still insists on using ancient, 5,400 RPM hard drives as their default go-to, and it can create performance issues for games, especially for load times. On my Xbox One, I’ve now switched to an external USB 3.0 8 TB hard drive that runs at 7,200 RPM because it improves load time and other performance on the games. But if you have a Hybrid drive, the performance should be about the same either way.

No clue on the HDD unless it says it on the box it came in. It’s the 1tb xbox 1 x is all I know. But I may check into getting an external SSD just to see if that helps load times.

Here’s a pic of where it sits, and my house is never above 68 degrees fahrenheit. So I doubt heat is an issue.

Yeah, I was pretty sure the heat wasn’t an issue, but you’ve just confirmed it.

The most likely sources of your lag are going to be either the hard drive, or the internet connection, which honestly seems fine. But don’t waste extra money on an external SSD, the USB 3.0 ports on Xbox One systems can’t handle anything faster than what a 7,200 RPM drive an deliver, so use the money instead for a larger 7,200 RPM hard drive that will give you a lot more capacity for game installs.

I recommend the Seagate Game Drive Hub for Xbox 8TB External Hard Drive. It’s been working like a champ on my Xbox One. Having the system move your game installs over to that drive should boot them up faster and let them run better, while increasing your storage capacity by 8 TB. That’ll help greatly, too, since modern game installs are so much larger than they used to be.

Lastly, the lag could be caused by either a software glitch, or a firmware glitch on the Xbox, or even a piece of faulty hardware on the system. All of those possibilities may mean having to reach out to Xbox Support for help. And if a warranty replacement of the console becomes necessary, having all your games installed on an external drive will make things so much easier for you, as you won’t have to spend all that time re-installing them on a new console.