Major Bugs since hotpatch on 521

Since the patch yesterday I have had 2 major bugs that are frustrating (maybe 3)

  1. I cannot reroll modifiers no matter what i do. I play on M10 and every single time I log in it is the kick kick energy, charred, ticked off, and post morten.

That is the small bug I have.

  1. The fire elemental kaoson I spent over 20 hours and 800+ kills of traumt farming changed it’s anointment yesterday. It used to be the 100% cryo on sentinel, I play zane, so it was a god roll but now I have a bunch issues since it rolled to fire rate increase and mag swap speed.

This one is super frustrating especially because in those 800+ kills I only got 2 searing/fire elemental out of 80ish drops. So in never doing that again.

  1. The deaths from modifier keep going invisible when they pop or they will just stay still at spot at which I killed them or after a while of following me.

I lost over 500,000 dollars to this garbage in respawning fees. It’s really annoying when I double back down a hallway and it disappears with its poof thing and no longer on the map and so I run back only to do because it touched me even though it was gone.

Other issue with that is they’ll appear and just sit in one spot as invisible. For example I killed fish slap at the first minibus fight for cartel. After killing I even verified there was no spawning animation, and then there was loot behind me to so instead of going straight for his loot I went behind me, picked up, and then went to loot what he dropped a solid 7-10 seconds later and was killed by the death that was invisible, wasn’t on the map.

This has made the game near impossible to play at certain locations just due to their size me not knowing where they are or could be pins me into a corner. And since I cannot reroll modifiers, no matter what planet I’m on or day in playing, it is always the death modifier. I used to burn them down pretty quickly with my searing kaoson, but see above now. I either start running out of ammo in big fights or I just don’t have the time to burn them down due to quantity and size of room. So that leaves me just running around in circles until I die since I cannot tell if they’ve disappeared or not and while paying attention to them the other mobs are just having a field day with me.

Please fix this mess.

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