Major Disappointment

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed Bulletstorm on my 360 (what I remember anyways, it’s a bit uh…hazy), but when I heard the “Big Announcement” announcement from RP in December, I thought “FINALLY SOME BL3 NEWS,” but no. Bulletstorm with Duke Nukem was the big thing.
There’s no way RP couldn’t have known that us BL fans were expecting news about our favorite franchise, and that such build up would lead to inevitable disappointment for some of us when BL3 wasn’t even mentioned.

Then the BL3 Unreal 4 demo that wasn’t BL3?

C’mon guys, PLEASE!!

Can we get some solid info about the next game in the Greatest FPS/RPG Hybrid Series in gaming history soon please? (Yes it deserves capital letter status)

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