Major ghalt glitch please patch asap

So I was playing as Ghalt with my friend on the Algorithm and to help kill a boss, I activated my Ult. So when we killed the boss I leveled up, but my Ult was still active. Somehow, I duel wielded for the rest of the game, never having to reload with 2 guns. I don’t know how this happened, but if this is able to happen in PvP, I don’t know what will happen. Please fix this!

Did you made a support ticket? This bug seems pretty severe, you should write an offical ticket at GBX support to be sure they look into it.


LOL, should have NOT reported this.

Well, if his friend had died, he wouldn’t have been able to revive him because Ghalt isn’t allowed to do so while using his ult.

LOL, when Ghat’s ult is active- stay outta da way cuz he kills everything. problem solved.

Fixed that for you.

Ghalt is a monster in PvE already, he doesn’t need any extra help. I can’t speak for PvP but in PvE he’s absolutely ridiculous. I’ve never coasted through missions as easily as when playing him.

Especially when you turn him into a sniper. It’s crazy.

I’m not for nerfing anyone. But this is a bugfix for an issue that would make an already S-tier character I don’t know what.