Major issues with Homeworld Remastered: Graphical glitches, unplayable (video included)

So I start up Homeworld Remastered and the intro video just flickers constantly instead of playing. Then the main menu seems to work fine. But once I get into game, the game is unplayable. It takes forever to load, and when ti does, my mouse gets a large mouse trail, and my game doesn’t seem to draw properly EXCEPT the UI.

I’ve included a short video captured on my phone to show what I see. The sound plays fine, I just have headphones in.

I’ve already updated to the latest drivers available, and restarted my computer.

I’ve also set all my settings to off or Low, tried them all on, set my V-Sync to Off, Adaptive and On, and tried some of the other suggestions I’ve found on this forum and the steam forum. I’ve also submitted a ticket at

I’m just wondering if anyone else has run into this issue and maybe has a workaround.

made an account just to comment. i have this issue precisely, and it completely prohibits gameplay. so far my ticket with gearbox has elicited only useless canned responses and - most offensively of all - advertisements, as if they can sell me other games to play while i wait for Homeworld to be fixed.

nothing i have done to drivers, to settings in-game or Catalyst has made the slightest difference.

Which Drivers are you using ? I am using the 14.12 Omega set with no hassle on my 270X ? May want to check those out if your not using them atm.