Major maping issues for AZERTY with game in english

Good morning.

I recently preordered Borderlands 3 and tried it. Although the game runs well, I encounter a technical difficulty regarding the keyboard mapping.

Even though I am french, I speak english very fluently and enjoy much more to play my games in english so that I have the original voices and other funny elements (puns, accents,…) that are lost 90% of the time in the french version. So I switched my windows language to english while keeping french my only writing language (all this in the windows settings) to force the game to set itself in english. Although it switched the language as I wanted, it seems that the game now automatically assumes that my keyboard is mapped in QWERTY (it is an azerty). Knowing that the game won’t let me do a total remapping by myself (for example, secondary choices in menu or switching to the next menu are binded to really weird keys like C and Q that make many actions feel very cranky). Also I can’t remap the movements for airborne vehicles and map navigation without erasing walking and car driving controls.

So my question (sorry, I know I was quite long in setting the context) is the following : is there any way (such as rewriting a few lines of an “.ini” sheet or working on my windows default settings perhaps ?) to play my game in full english (voices+menus) while having my keyboard detected as azerty ? For a start I didn’t find any “.ini” in the Borderlands 3 file although hidden items are shown.

Also, I think it will be quite crucial in the end that you allow players to do a full remapping and not keep some controls hidden (for example changing area while in a vehicle or map and menu navigation) in order to get the best out of the game and not ruin all the smoothness added to the gameplay with a cranky mapping. Right now a full QWERTY to AZERTY remapping is properly impossible and ends up with non-remappable keys being simply erased (example : when trying to switch to another zone while in a vehicle [NONE] is displayed instead of the usual E).

Hoping that my remarks were constructive and that you will quickly take that matter in account.

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I have the same issues

I have the same issues, and since then, i can’t even move with my default keybinds, so i’m forced to run everywhere instead of driving and losing a lot of time, i hope they fix this asap, this is a major issue for AZERTY users

Hi ! I have the same issues

I have exactly the same problem.
Map navigation controls are not rebindable (and on the map screen the mouse is too slow)

Hi !

Sorry for being so long to respond, I had a little issue with my account.

So I worked on the matter a bit and here’s the closest I cam to a solution :

1 - start your game in french version by entering the additionnal command line (in Epic games, settings button down left and select the borderlands 3 tab, there’ll be a text area) -culture=fr

2- lauch the game, it will be in full french mode

3- go to the controls panel and set it to the default controls

4- change one key (for example turn grenade t G or any other key) so the settings will be remembered as personnalised

5- close game

6- replace the additional command line by -culture=en

7- lauch game, it’ll be in english

8- if need be, turn the grenade key to the default key manually and enjoy

So this will basically fix all in-game control issues but menus will still be a bit weird (for example secondary color or skill choice or map navigation) and you will still have to get out of the vehicle to switch zones but it’s overall quite easy to accomodate yourself to and not ruin your game until they patch this.

Hoping this helped you guys or gals, Have fun !

I manage by switching to english keyboard in Windows 10 (Alt+Shift) before launching the game, and keeping most settings by default.
It works but your solution is fine too !

Now, just imagine just how bad it is when you’re using “bépo” keyboard.

Most of the AAA games detects keycodes and generates a consistent keymapping. Seems that there is absolutly not a single developer or product owner using something else than a QWERTY at gearbox.

Actually, the worst thing is that some action key like push to talk can’t be rebind. On a bépo, T is on the right hand. Anyway, discord works well, let’s forget about using in-game chat.

I don’t understand how this even happen. We’ve been making computers for +70 years, and yet now we are in 2020 not being able to properly manage localizations on a damn video game.

Why do we even have to use something as archaic as commands arguments to change a game’s localization ? Why isn’t it in the game’s menu, or at least in Steam/Epic’s game options?
Why the keyboard isn’t taken into account? It’s not a big news there are plenty keyboard layouts in the world.
And why after changing the localization, there are still remains of the previous localization? Key bindings from another keyboard layout, voicelines, … Damn!