Major Multiplayer issue

I joined my sons game, we quit and I went back into my game and I still have the missions I was undertaking, but I lost all the planets I’ve finished and I can’t fast travel tk

the end of the game where I was…please help. Also lost all fast travel stations.

This is - unfortunately - a known issue affecting a person who’s unlocked more of the maps than the person who’s game they are joining. The only known ‘fix’ at this point is to navigate to each planet in turn via the console on the Sanctuary’s bridge, use the appropriate drop-pod to get down to the planet, and then rediscover (ie activate) the FT stations on each map. Which is a right royal pain. Hopefully this will be rectified in a future patch.

(Also moving to XBox support)

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Thank you for the help, I’m currently doing that now, but man you’re right when you say it’s a major pain…i hope they fix this. I submitted a formal request for help with 2K games, hopefully they fix this. Thanks again, greatly appreciated.