Major Performance issues with high end rig

Something is very wrong with the way the game has been running for me. So far I’ve made it to Eden-6 and beaten the first boss there. During intense fights the framerate will drop down even to the thirties. I have a pretty beast rig with a 2080ti, i5 8600k, 16 gigs of RAM, SSD. I can run other games at very high framerates with the highest settings, yet Borderlands 3 runs terribly at the moment. It seemed to get progressively worse throughout the game, starting off fairly good on pandora. What makes it pretty evident that something is wrong is that the framerate will stay the same no matter what i do to the ingame settings. Dropping it from 1440p ultra to 1080p very low does not change it. Anyone got advice or have the same issues?

Hey there,

please try this, it helped me a lot and I’m curious if it solves anything for others as well.

  • Open up the Epic Games launcher.
  • Click the Settings
  • Click the Borderlands 3 on MANAGE GAMES section.
  • Select the “Additional Command Line Arguments” checkbox.
  • Paste the following commands into the box.


Ever since it got a lot smoother for me without any further adjustment needed.

Thanks for the reply. I’ve already tried this however and it doesn’t seem to improve my performance at all.