Major spoiler, legitimate concern

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Why did Maya deserve to die? I was having the time of my life until I got to the end of Promethea. I almost don’t want to play anymore because I’m afraid of who else might be killed off and now I’m genuinely upset. I was fine with Lilith losing her powers, I don’t know, maybe she’ll get them back, but why Maya? She could have been left powerless too, but instead she was turned to dust by that parasite Troy. Who’s next? Brick? Mordecai? Would they really stoop so low as to kill Tina? Or are they gonna just finish off Lilith? I want so badly for it to just be undone later, like she just rematerializes or something after Troy is dead. I hope I get to shoot him in the face but, I don’t want anyone else to die. Yeah, that definitely messed me up.

P.s. please keep the ‘It’s just a game’ comments to yourselves, they’re not welcome.


I was sad too. She’s my favorite character from BL2. And lilith from BL1. I love the sirens, so naturally I’m playing as Amara now. But the story is great. You really learn to hate the twins so much…


I was enjoying the game to that point. why bring her back give her a fancy make over just to kill her off. I was loving her new look. I was thinking lilth would die and she would end up taking over in her place. beat the game she stay dead. real sad and depress and honestly a bit pissed off about maya death.


Why gearbox? why? we need answers. Why Maya??

I would do an overkill on that Troy.


Well, I guess it was to pass on her powers to Ava… I don’t think Lilith is gone either.

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dlc the resurection of maya. she repair at the place she died after the events of the game. but no one know she there you go on a mission back there for whatever reason and find here there she heavly confused and freaking out you have to show her she ok and bring her up to speed and then do some mission to help her remboer parts of her past


I do hope that’s true man. That really messed with my head.[quote=“Joey16, post:6, topic:3296934, full:true”]
dlc the resurection of maya. she repair at the place she died after the events of the game. but no one know she there you go on a mission back there for whatever reason and find here there she heavly confused and freaking out you have to show her she ok and bring her up to speed and then do some mission to help her remboer parts of her past


I support the DLC Maya. Ava or Tannis could undust Maya but she no longer siren


It keeps the stakes high. We know the protagonist is going to win by the end, but if there’s no real threat of death, it’s not as thrilling.
But yes, I did find Maya’s death to be rather quick and unwarranted.
My guess is, since this game really shuffles around Siren powers: Lilith is assumed dead until DLC confirms otherwise and she’ll likely need to pass on her powers unless the game hand waives it by saying her powers are permanently attached to Elpis, Maya’s powers went to Ava, Angel’s powers now belong to Tannis, and the Calypso’s powers now go to somebody else., it’s a prolonged plot device to introduce more Sirens.


Lilith is the new raid boss in 4. :shushing_face::shushing_face:

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It’s not just that she died it’s that her death was so poorly handled. There was no fight, just Troy grabbing her arm. Maya is basically a demigod and that’s how she dies? There should have been an epic fight to the death first. Not to mention it could have come much later in the game. Maya’s death also gets treated like Bloodwing’s instead of Roland’s. Oh sorry, we got no time to mourn. Jack was on the loose and about to wake the warrior, Lilith was captured, and we still made the freaking time. Final point that made it sour and dumb for me is who she died for. Ava. I don’t know her well enough to care about her story arc yet, hence why I said Maya should have died later.

Let’s set it up this. Tiny Tina, Lilith, Tanis or any other major character from a borderlands game(someone we know and hold dear) is in danger, not Ava, and Maya fights like an animal to protect them but is ultimately broken, beaten, and turned to dust by the Calypso twins double teaming her. The entire ship then mourns and shares stories of Maya’s adventures and stuff.

If it had happened that way it would have felt more like the death of a badass against impossible odds rather than Maya being treated like a throwaway character.


How do we even know Maya dead? She could been teleported somewhere without her powers or sealed alter space without her powers. Also, we do not know the dusted can be undone.

As soon as she said Ava was gonna be a siren,I knew she would die.

Passing the torch. We lost roland in the last game.

Maya was my goto in BL2.


I was super sad about it too, but honestly it’s what motivated me to continue until I killed the damn calypso twins. After they killed Maya I knew they had to die.


What pisses me off is that Lilith my favorite character was killed off like that, sure it was a good way to go, saving Pandora, but it was way to early, they should have done it much later on or not at all, I think I speak for everyone when I say we’d much rather Lilith alive then killing her off just so you can add new sirens, it’s stupid, Lilith is one of the best if not the best character and she’s not someone you just kill to put someone in her place or something. The way they did it was like killing Iron Man in the 3rd movie then replacing him with some random person no one even knew or cared about at all. Just bring Lilith back, otherwise this game is a joke.


Well, to be honest, you don’t really know if she’s dead and gone. They left it pretty open. And it looked like Ava was searching for her in the credits images.


I honestly didn’t care at all about her death. Kinda felt the same as when Roland died. Two VERY preventable deaths of two largely unimportant/boring characters. Hell at least Roland’s death served some function at fracturing the crimson lance and forcing Lilith into a leader roll she wasn’t ready for; Maya’s death doesn’t really have any impact on anything except making a couple of people sad for a bit.

Didn’t care about Maya in borderlands 2, didn’t care about her in borderlands 3. They have you interact with her like 3 to 4 times and then suddenly expect you to give a damn about her getting dusted? I can only imagine how little people who are playing borderlands 3 as their first game in the series must care about her death.

The only emotional part about all of this is how hard Krieg is gonna miss his pretty lady. Thinking about that made be tear up a little :cry:


Her death was so pointless and badly done it broke all the joy for the game. I cannot even continue playing the game. If she’s not brought back in the DLC’s I’m not playing this game anymore.


Because it helps build attachment to a character that we lost. It’s basic story telling.

Also, why isn’t anyone talking about how it’s ENTIRELY AVA’S FAULT THAT MAYA WAS KILLED? I hate Ava more than Troy, and he’s the one who killed Maya. She was annoying to start with, like some kind of bootleg Tina, but then she gets Maya killed? Get her out of here, she’s awful.


This was exactly how I felt, the death just felt crap, so crap I was sure she was coming back up until the battle with Troy was over and she didn’t reappear, and on completion I’m even more sure with that “hard maybe” at the end.

Also don’t think Ava can be in charge of sanctuary, she’s an idiot girl clearly wouldn’t have been able to mature sufficiently by the end of the game to run a ship full of people. Maya has to come back, and I’m hoping Ava and krieg team up to do it!