Major Tom (David Bowie) is dead

Tonight, i’m taking my Major Tom out of the bank, and shooting every space oddity I can find.

Rest in peace


Hey Chuck.

Mind adding the Major Tom bit to the title? Don’t want people to confuse this for an Off-Topic post.

I’m in… been looking for an excuse to jump into TPS. I was hoping it wouldn’t be something so macabre, but this’ll work. Dude had a pretty amazing life… shame it’s over a little early. Favorite Bowie memories anyone? My parents bought his Peter and the Wolf record when I was like six years old in 1978. It was the first record I ever saw that wasn’t the typical black (it was green). His narration over that orchestral movement was pretty enchanting.

[quote=“Chuck80, post:1, topic:1189297”]Tonight, i’m taking my Major Tom out of the bank[/quote]Bank?! That’s crazy talk.


Soo wrong bowiebut if you have any Melee Jakobs Pistols I feel this is also acceptable…

As long as there’s something you can do.

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Shame mine is only lvl60 or so. Guess I’ll fire a few rounds into the air atleast.

I remember fighting the Sentinel raid boss listening through scary monsters and super creeps. The man was a legend none can and none will equal.

It’s so sad that everyone keeps dying. It’s really depressing. :frowning:

I’ve been listening to the sound 100.3FM radio and they have been playing Bowie most of the day. So sad. He was my first concert. The Spider tour when Peter Frampton played guitar for him. AMAZING!

RIP David! :cry:

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^ nice!

I’ve been around long enough to feel the same way. Another standard of my youth is gone. Dammit. “Planet Earth is blue, and there’s nothing I can do.”

I saw him with NIN. They even did a song or two together AND after that there wasn’t even a gap in time. It was suddenly Bowie for the rest of the concert doing Bowie stuff.

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Who’s going to save the world? :cry:

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