Major Turn Around owo

So before we even destroyed this teams 1st sentry they got our 2nd down to 28, their kleese was insane at ground keeping x3x

BUT, 2 of these people were devs and it was a premade team so gawd dayum >~>
So, because 2 were devs I just wanted to say ha. Ha *-*…

final score was 28 to 24, we won somehow, I managed to rack up 11 of my 12 kills towards the end because we had them clumping together and i had my orendi damage boosting skills going full throttle =3=

so we just barley eeek’d them out and for the last 1/3rd of the match we dominated after we started getting around their kleese, and somehow the el dragon got easier to deal with later in the game as opposed to him usually getting insanly hard later in game lol

And if you couldnt tell, we also had a rage quitter (Though to be fair idk for a fact he RQ could just be a bad connection) the Isic, and he quit literally just before we begun our push on the first sentry, so we could have used him big time lol…

Buuuuut~, that doesnt matter, somehow we won, honestly im a bit confused how we did it.

I wish i had recorded it because holy hell the first half of the match it was pure domination by them XD

And if any of them see this *-*…


It happens quite a bit.

My first Atti game we were losing in score and tied 50-50 but we got into a team fight at 1:30 and I ripped 4 people apart and we won 44-50.

This game is incredibly prone to last minute upsets.

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Didn’t you get the memo that the first thing you’re supposed to do when your first sentry dies is try to surrender???

Oh I think you are a little behind in the memos, new one out says to try to surrender if the enemy gets the sentry shield down. Or apparrently if one of your teammates die first in the match.

I had a guy on my team get abusive the other day when we refused to surrender. The score was 94-100. Then another guy tried to surrender. By the time the third guy tried to surrender, the second one had simply gone afk, so it never succeeded. We lost, but kept fighting until the timer ran out and didn’t let them take he second sentry, which was a moral victory in my book.

some people call for surrender even if you’re SLIGHTLY down lol

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