Majora's Mask 3D

With the new Majora’s Mask on the horizon, who here is ready to play one of the coolest Zelda games ever made on Friday 13th of the February? Anyone managed to preorder any Limited Edition MM’s and/or consoles or preodered more than one type of LE game? What are your thoughts and impressions of the changes and enhancements to the game?

I was lucky enough to track and preorder both the LE game and N3DS XL. Had to wait 3 hours before EB games opened to preorder the game, but had no problem preordering the console. Noone really rushed to preorder it at that time anyways. Oh well, I don’t mind.

About the game itself, I really like the upgraded graphics and visuals, but find the new changes made to the bosses as well as the weaponless giant Link abit of a turn off. New owls and save system are unnecessary too, imo. Still, I don’t think these changes will prevent me from enjoying the game that much anyways so I’m fine.

I was lucky enough to get the limited edition new 3ds xl. And the game with the skullkid statue. Majoras mask is one of my favorite games of all time. I can’t wait to play it on the 3ds. With the 3d and the new beautiful graphics. They did such an amazing job with the ocarina of time 3d. So this will be just as great. And the new stuff like fishing is going to be awesome

Not to mention the new 3d technology of n3ds xl will be times better. I’m uber stoked to play it. Counting the days and going to zelda informer nonstop lol.

I was really disappointed with how quickly all the special editions for this game sold out. I wanted that Skull Kid.

I downloaded the game, but I haven’t had time to really sit down and give it due justice. Maybe this weekend I’ll be able to get cranking on it.

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Gotta play it. It’s an epic game with great graphical enhancements and really cool boss changes (not all).

They had a bundle deal where you can get the new system and the game for like 175$, I had to swallow and walk away from it. Sometimes I think my restraint is going to end up killing me.