Make a level 80 build and post it here!

With a few subtle changes to the URL of the skill calculator, you can make a level 80 (or higher) build!

Here’s mine -


My Ninja’s new build when Sunday rolls around

Just maxed out Unforseen, Rising Shot and Like the Wind. Velocity’s points will go to OSOK if I use a Pimp.


Nice. Here I was thinking that 75 points would be too many and take away from build diversity, but when I tinker with it my build feels more complete. I may yet like this, if it’s actually true. Bar the possibility of having to farm all over again, of course.

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Emphasis on “possibility”.

If this gave us 3 capstones, it would be a different story - but as it is it just fleshes out existing builds. There’s almost no change to my 67-point build.


Glares at TPS

I think most of my other characters wouldn’t be venturing down other trees like Maya, but sadly a lot of her skills aren’t that great and the one I went for is in a tree that’s not so great lol.

I agree now that I look at it more, it’ll just allow most characters to fill out those unmaxed skills and take one or two new ones without really changing builds that much, unless you wanna get creative which I plan to do with Krieg.


I sort of disagree, because at level 72 double-capstone builds were just one point short of reaching the 1-pointer at the fourth tier of the remaining tree (yes, I know, not all characters have that, or they are not as desirable, like Explosive Clap or One Two Boom), such as Do or Die on a standard 26-15-26 Axton. Or how about Keep Firing, Come at me Bro AND Down not Out on Salvador? That’ll change some tactics. Maybe someone will even try a No Kill Like Overkill / Come at me Bro build, because at level 80 that leaves you enough points for 3/5 in one of Sal’s most important skills, Get Some (not perfect, but perhaps it’ll do). Similarly, I could see someone experimenting with a Bloodsplosion / Release the Beast Krieg where a bunch of points are moved to Hellborn, because Elemental Empathy becomes reachable (again, only with 3 points, but maybe that’s enough with the action skill as a safety net).

In short, the new build possibilities are exciting, but I worry about what will happen to existing characters. I mean, they haven’t shown much respect for their PC fans with the Epic deal (especially those with Linux PCs, who are effectively BANNED from BL3 at launch, which nullifies any chance at pre-order or early-adopter perks), so they may very well screw us over again.

Okay, a level 80 build I’d try: starting from a fairly normal Thoughtlock build I’d pick up some additional health regeneration options, particularly Life Tap (while filling up Elated and grabbing Sustenance along the way), resulting in this. Maybe not a particularly good build, but I like having a lot of heath regeneration to back me up.


I never use Subsequnce anymore. It’s to un reliable and takes away control in my personal experiences. There are times where is will enter go flying off beacuse I guess its planet needed it, effectively doubling its cooldown timer. Other times it will choose to fly after a surveyor or rakk it has no hope of catching. I use to play Legendary Binder but Legendary Siren is just better in every way unless your playing in a team with Axton, Zero or Gaige. Even then I find being able to handle myself was more important then team CD.
This is with Legendary Siren using The Bee, Bone of the Ancients, Chain Lightning
Guns are Bekka, Corrosive Lyudmila, Florentine, and a DPUH. This Second Wind is easy, you have close range and long range options, Slag is never and issue nor is HP no enemy lasts very long outside of really gimmicky ones from DLCs like Dragons Keep.

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I feel like your right. Looking at majority of the “meta” builds Gaige is the only one we will see change as she can do BFF and Little Big Trouble capped with all here best Anarchy skills. I think she may actually get to Krieg and Sal levels of power even without Anarchy Cap.

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SS has its moments, it’s situational. Being unable to cancel it sucks. But in enclosed, mob-heavy areas, it’s insane. Constant procs of Converge essentially keep a whole mob locked down rather than just one enemy, Helios kills non-badasses and with every SS is another Helios. Interestingly, Helios procs before Ruin, so you wont notice how it kills without SS, but after every subsequent proc of SS (with enemies slagged by Ruin) Helios can kill entire mobs on its own. More Helios kills means more SS, which means more Helios.

Personally, I’d rather my mobs die quicker and in one PL, and a slightly longer effective cooldown, than a single use PL. There are good arguments for both, it’s each to their own on this one.

As for Axton, 2up+Do Or Die+Gemini might became a new meta.
Though, even for players who prefer mono-turret setups, 8 extra points will come in handy.

OK, I’m not seeing anything in my downloadable content section except for the 2 ultra HD upgrades for TPS and BL2 itself- has the dlc dropped yet or am I just looking in the wrong place?

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Oh no, I’m using the skill calculator lol. It hasn’t dropped yet.

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Where do I go from here? I use a Legendary Anarchist by the way because I LOVE +10 Unstoppable Force for mobbing. Is WDT good at +5 or do you really need +10? And what other skills are worth it in the LBT tree?

Looks like fun.
Sniper Zero. Nothing special, just able to max out all of Precicion, Kill confirmed and Followthrough while having enough points to get Unforeseen to 5/5. Honestly the biggest difference to my old sniper build is 2 points more in Followthrough lol :smiley:

I’d go with my usual hybrid tho. Still makes for a spectacular sniper for mobbing by simply switching the COM but I got full Followthrough instead of just 1 point like at current cap when I do that. The hybrid style got a lot stronger because 10/5 Followthrough and 10/5 Backstab instead of 6/5 followthough and 7 or 8/5 backstab that I used to do.
EDIT: The build:
EDIT2: the correct build, not the same one again :smiley:

EDIT3: Are we actually getting a level cap raise? I just saw the comments about download not yet there and the other thread on the front page. WTF?
EDIT4: Most edits in a single post ever. That Hybrid is missing the last point that would go into Resurgence.


Level 80 is going to be the new cap yes:

My guess is we’re going to lose our OP levels, then we have to get to level 80 and then do all the op levels again.

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If anything I’m thinking Gearbox is just going to stop calling them ‘OP’ levels and everything else will remain the same- guess we’ll find out when their E3 conference starts…

I’m guessing they’re gonna try to time it with a live announcement at E3, for maximum hype… BUT, I’m sure there will be a fair chance of something screwing up, heh. :wink:

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So, I’ve never really made any proper Axton since I always felt like I’m a couple points short of what I would like. That is not a problem now. I came up with this fiddling around a little.
Either legendary soldier or maybe switch a point or 2 around and make it a leg engineer build. Some explosive stuff going on and definitely going for fastball as a grenade. Maybe take 2 points out of metal storm to max out impact.

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For Queen Scream: might as well make DT die quicker…

For Reverend Pain: adding to Lay Waste will mean I can switch between the L. Berserker and the L. Gunzerker…

For Mike Irons: just spreading things out- +2 to Grenadier, Able and Forbearance…

For Lord of Death: max out Precision and the rest in Unforeseen and Kill Confirmed (since I habitually ADS…).

For Dee Lightful: a bit more Harmony…

And for Ultimate Krieg!!!: MORE BLOOD!!! MORE BLOODD!!!


@Carlton_Slayer - supposedly it should drop at 12pm Pacific - so 2.5 hours.

Striker Sal’s new build, which just maxes a few skills and adds Divergent Likeness

Hey guys - it looks like the Skill Calc will now go up to 80 - so you don’t have to manually enter the points into the URL